DEON was born in Seoul, raised in Tokyo, and studied music in Boston and Los Angeles with the emphasis on cinematic composing where he had the opportunity to study with Hollywood composers such as Christopher Young and Bruce Broughton. Having been raised in various cultural backgrounds he has been widely exposed to a variety of musical influences and considers himself not to be bound by a specific genre.

D's formal musical training began with the violin and then went onto further gaining knowledge and skills on other instruments such as guitar, drums, trumpet and piano. Returning back to the violin in high school he received the district's most improved player award.

In the era that is constantly changing he has hopes and dreams of transforming people's lives through his ever evolving music. He currently lives in Los Angeles working for various film productions for which many of the projects he has worked on have garnered awards. Aside from composing, he enjoys meeting filmmakers, art exhibitions, photography and Japanese food.